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Started with a deep desire in our hearts to take a step forward towards creating a better tomorrow, for us, our children, and the environment. We stayed committed and let the desire take shape with every best effort we could put in and make it a dream come true – ‘Bloom Dream’.

In a world fighting plastics, pollution, chemical wastage, and other environmentally burdening issues, we wanted our community to have affordable options to replace single-use plastics. We manufacture a wide range of Jute, Cotton, Canvas, and Juco bags. Not only limiting to replace single-use bags with eco-friendly products, but we also partner with one of the finest sustainable food packaging manufacturers. These products are plant-based and certified 100% biodegradable.

At Bloom Dream, we are committed to the well-being of our people and the planet. Our vision is to help everyone to take a step further and forward in saying NO to single-use plastic. We are also committed to reduce pollution, reduce waste, encourage recycling, and increase the usage of sustainable and eco-friendly products.

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Jute is also called the Golden fibre, its fibres are used to make Burlap, Hessian/Gunny cloth, and Jute. It is one of the strongest natural fibres available and most affordable.
The fibre from Jute is very versatile and has an extensive list of products made from it like sacks, bags, ropes, carpets, paper, etc.


A fluffy, soft, and durable natural fibre that grows in a boll on the flowering plant called Gossypium. Yet the boll is not considered a flower because it has seeds on which the cotton grows.
The fibre is spun into yarn and from there on it takes its course across various industries and uses such as woven fabric, textile, bedsheets, towels, upholstery, and not forgetting out bags.


Known for its strength, being durable, sturdy, and heavy-duty. Canvas is a plain tightly woven fabric made from cotton.
Having an incredible versatility Canvas has been used in an expansive range of products. The most popular ones are bags, sails, tents, shoes, clothing, paintings, and furniture. Canvas is a sort-after material for making varieties of bags, backpacks especially due to its durability and water-resistant capacities.


A birth from a new ecological combination that has become very popular in the line of eco-friendly fibre. A mixture of 75% Jute and 25% Cotton transforms into this sturdy fibre called Juco. It still carries the traits of versatility and durability from the combination.
Widely used in making bags and other fabric materials. A great benefit to mention is that it can take much more detail when printing on them.

Eco Ware

Plant Biomass, Agri waste from crops like wheat, rice is processed and made into this wonderful product which is 100% bio natural, biodegradable, compostable. Our food packaging products are backyard compostable – which means you dig a hole put it in the soil and it will turn into the soil in 90 days leaving behind its nutrients in the soil and certified by USDA and BPI. Every eco ware product that is being used displaces a plastic or Styrofoam product.


In recent years non-woven fabric has become an exceedingly important division of the textile industry. A fabric-like material made by placing fibres together and bonding them by mechanical or heat treatment. It has a great reusability factor that paper or plastic and lasts the test of time. Easily recycled when disposed of and sorted properly.
Non-woven are 10 times more degradable than other plastic types. It is used for many applications the most common ones being surgical gowns, surgical masks, wipes, caps, filters, carpet backing, automobile, and shopping bags.

The earth, the air, the land is not an inheritance from our forefathers but a loan from our children. So, we must hand it over to them at least as it was handed to us.

Mahatma Gandhi

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